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About Texas Podcast Massacre

Texas Podcast Massacre is a weekly show where we talk about horror movies, tv shows, video games, and discuss the terrible, terrible decisions the protagonists often make!

For the past few years Mitch and Nate have been watching and subjecting their friends from Houston, TX to lots and lots of horror movies. We figured why not share the jokes, the horrified reactions, and Jason X references with everyone instead of keeping those conversations to ourselves!

Each week we go over recent horror news, debate topics like creepiest movie child and subject someone who is not a horror movie fan to a variety of films that range from genre defining classics to Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Thanks for joining us in this podcast adventure!

The Hosts


What people are saying about Texas Podcast Massacre

Mitch is just the greatest host ever. Love it!

— Mitch’s Mom


— Tommy Wiseau

It’s a total scream! I make sure it’s the first thing I listen to every tuesday while I’m waiting for a fresh batch of camp counselors to arrive. Thanks TPM!

— Jason Voorhees

I love you bud…but don’t talk anymore shit about John Denver

— Ashley, Mitch’s Sister

No you can’t have a mental health day because you were forced to watch horror movies

— Unsuspecting Victims’ bosses, probably

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