Wish Upon: Magical Jukebox

Igor 2010s, Supernatural, Teen

Shitty teens.  Shitty dumpster diving. Shitty chinese demons. Shitty time travel. 2017’s Wish Upon is the ultimate in mediocre teen horror films. The movie tries to build upon the foundation of better teen horror classics like The Craft and the… continue reading »

Krampus: Rest In Peace DHL Guy

Igor 2010s, Supernatural

Awkward family moments. Letter to Santa. Elf kidnapping. Gingerbread people with a nail gun. Michael Dougherty returns to make a holiday horror film yet again in 2015 as he tackles Christmas after mastering Halloween with Trick ‘r Treat in 2007…. continue reading »

The Invitation: A Diffi-Cult Video

Igor 2010s, Cult

Old friends. Good wine. Awkward silences. Casual viewing of death videos. The Invitation is an independent thriller from director Karyn Kusama. Widely released in 2016 this film was produced entirely independently and then enjoyed a limited release and was scooped… continue reading »

Green Room: Nazi Punks F**k Off

Igor 2010s, Cult, Gore

Gas siphoning. Hardcore punk music. Boxcutters. Neo-Nazis. Green Room is the third film from director Jeremy Saulnier after 2014’s ‘Blue Ruin’ and 2007’s ‘Murder Party’. His career continues to be promising and one of his reasons for making ‘Green Room’… continue reading »

Prevenge: Fetal Attraction

Igor 2010s, Creepy Kids

Homicidal Fetuses. Rock Climbing Incidents. Fat Snakes. DJ Dan. Prevenge is the brainchild of Alice Lowe who wrote, directed and starred in this modern slasher while eight months pregnant. Quite a feat considering that she wrote the movie in three… continue reading »

Jigsaw: Gettin’ Jiggy With It

Igor 2010s, Gore

Deceptive motorcycle sales. Red herrings. Bulk chain purchases. Twists on twists. 2017’s Jigsaw continues the Saw franchise 7 years after Saw 3D: The Final Chapter was released and ostensibly the end of the series. However, on the back of multiple… continue reading »

Gerald’s Game: A-Wristed Development

Igor 2010s

Authentic Kobe beef. Creepy sex fantasies. A dog that is not man’s best friend. The Moonlight Man. Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, Gerald’s Game is the latest film from up-and-coming horror director Mike Flanagan. Flanagan… continue reading »