Unsane: Stop, Hammer Time!

Igor 2010s, Episodes

For-profit healthcare. Lax background checks. iPhone video filters. Shady shivs. Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Unsane’ is his first foray into horror films and he debuts with a (camera flash) bang. Made for only a little over $1 million, Soderbergh makes a big… continue reading »

Get Out: Meet the Parents

Igor 2010s, Cult

Ill-advised hypnosis. Casual racism. Overt racism. T-S-motherfucking-A. 2017’s Get Out is one of most refreshing horror movies in years. Nodding to horror’s past while moving the genre forward, aping iconic films but setting trends in its own right and finally… continue reading »

Wish Upon: Magical Jukebox

Igor 2010s, Supernatural, Teen

Shitty teens.  Shitty dumpster diving. Shitty chinese demons. Shitty time travel. 2017’s Wish Upon is the ultimate in mediocre teen horror films. The movie tries to build upon the foundation of better teen horror classics like The Craft and the… continue reading »

Horror News 013 for 02/20/2018

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The Texas Podcast Massacre crew goes over the horror news you need to know from the past week, play some games and give streaming recommendations that you should be watching. Topics Discussed for 02/20/2018 Wicker Man-themed roller coaster Sharknado 6… continue reading »