The Amityville Horror: Jesus Take the Wheel

Igor 1970s, Haunted House, Religion

In this week’s episode of TEXAS PODCAST MASSACRE Mitch, Nate and Lisa sell their friend Derrick on coming to their classic fixer-upper podcast studio that also just happens to be built on a Native American burial ground, talk upcoming horror films, and to review the 1979 classic “The Amityville Horror”.

TEXAS PODCAST MASSACRE is a weekly horror movie podcast where hosts Mitch, Nate and Lisa talk about what’s new in the horror world, have a weekly debate, and review one horror movie. Each week they invite a special guest who typically does not watch and/or enjoy horror films to jump in the conversation as their “unsuspecting victim”, providing reviews for both horror addicts and the horror averse!


Twitter – @TXPodMassacre


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