New Year, New Horrors!

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End of Year 2018

Are you afraid of commitment? Or have you already fallen off your resolution 3 days into 2019? Don’t let your new year’s resolution get you down – here are just a few ideas of new year’s resolutions for the horror fanatic!

1)  Get in shape.

“Zombie races” are a fun and frightful way to train for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. They have normal 5ks, mud runs, and other variations that let you pick your poison. Typically, runners will wear flags that volunteer zombies will try to remove. If you make it to the finish without dying (losing all your flags) you get extra recognition. This is a favorite of Mitch and Lisa’s, who have participated in several over the years!

2) Read more books.

With the new Pet Sematary adaptation coming out in April, now is the perfect time to revisit the Stephen King classic in print, or read one of his newer releases like The Outsider which won the Goodreads Choice Award for 2018. Or check out the 2018 release from one of TPM’s favorite podcasts (besides TPM of course) Lore, Aaron Mahnke’s The World of Lore: Dreadful Places that explores real places where human horror or supernatural events have taken place.

3) Learn a new supernatural skill.

Take up photography so you can document any supernatural occurrences. Learn how to do horror makeup (this is an awesome skill to have). Like to bake? Try making some horror themed desserts like ghost cookies or a ouija board cake. The possibilities are endless!

Have another horror-related resolution in mind? Let us know your 2019 plans in the comments.

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