Blood Drive Part 2: Dick Vicious

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Cyborgs. Soul Reclamators. Murderers. Television Executives.

Blood Drive’s first and only season started with a bang and pushed the envelope for what you could put on cable television. Sadly the show was canceled after season one, but Grace, Arthur and Slink made this a memorable and fantastic addition to the grindhouse genre.

Join the Texas Podcast Massacre crew as they fight like estranged sisters while debating the best episode of Blood Drive. They also get around to discussing the second half of Blood Drive season one and their overall thoughts about the series.


Show Segments

Debate Question (01:35): What was the best episode of Blood Drive?

Show Review (11:45): Blood Drive (2017)

What Would You Do Differently? (58:07)

Awards: (59:38)

Final Cut (01:00:40): Show review scores from hosts and guests


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