Gerald’s Game: A-Wristed Development

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Authentic Kobe beef. Creepy sex fantasies. A dog that is not man’s best friend. The Moonlight Man.

Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, Gerald’s Game is the latest film from up-and-coming horror director Mike Flanagan. Flanagan (who will direct on 2018’s The Haunting of Hill House adaption) has collaborated with Netflix to bring this film this surreal story that some thought would be impossible to bring to film.

Carla Gugino, playing the protagonist Jessie, gives a tour de force performance. She carries the entire film and makes her character being hand-cuffed to a bed for a majority of the movie riveting anyway. The interplay between the imagined versions of Gerald and Jessie is entertaining and ambiguous while driving the plot and the limited action forward.

Join the Texas Podcast Massacre crew as debate with each other and themselves about who their imaginary cheerleaders would be. Once they solve that problem they work through the kinks of this year’s Gerald’s Game and escape the podcast studio before it’s too late.

Show segments:

Debate Question (02:10): Who are your imaginary cheerleaders?

Movie Review (08:45): Gerald’s Game (2017)

What Would You Do Differently? (53:28)

Awards: (57:21)

Final Cut (59:39): Movie review scores from hosts and guests


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