Happy Death Day: Kappa’s Don’t Eat Cupcakes

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Wake Up. Live your Life. Get Killed. Again.

Happy Death Day takes the revered formula of Groundhog Day and mashes it up with a modern college slasher flick. The premise seems so simple that it’s a surprise that it took until 2017 to be executed. Once again Blumhouse Productions (Get Out, Split) is hoping that this slick concept will translate to yet another 2017 low-budget horror hit.

Jessica Rothe plays the protagonist Tree Gelbman as she is repeatedly murdered in increasingly creative ways on her birthday. Each time she relives her final 24 hours she gets closer and closer to figuring out who is coming after her and why. It seems more like a video game than a movie but this movie walks the line well and delivers a satisfying entry into slasher film canon.

Join the Texas Podcast Massacre crew as they die laughing over and over again debating the first skill that you would learn if you were in a time loop. Once they blow the candles out on the debate they dissect ‘Happy Death Day’ for Friday the 13th, October 2017.

Show segments:

Debate Question (01:49): What skill would you learn in a time loop?

Movie Review (06:58): Happy Death Day (2017)

What Would You Do Differently? (46:37)

Awards: (50:11)

Final Cut (54:17): Movie review scores from hosts and guests


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