Jason X: X Gon Give It To Ya

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Cryogenic Freezing. VR Teens. Robot Makeouts. Cyborg Jason.

Jason X is not a good movie, but it is a memorable one. Most aptly described as simply ‘Jason in space’ this movie was the 10th and most expensive of the Friday the 13th franchise when it was released in 2002. This despite the movie being filmed in 2000 and sitting on the shelf for around two years after the release date it was pushed back four separate times as well.

The “plot” of this movie revolves around a 25th century professor and his class of archaeologist students as they unwittingly bring Jason Voorhees onto their space ship. Once he is reanimated he wreaks havoc on the students and a group of comically inept space marines. There are really no standout roles in this movie, but needless to say there is a large and varied amount of killing.

Join the Texas Podcast Massacre crew as they unfreeze from cryo-sleep to debate where Jason should have had a movie instead (Desert, Underground, Retirement Community?). Once they improve on most of the Friday the 13th series we put away the premarital sex and dig into 2002’s monstrosity ‘Jason X’.

Show segments:

– Debate Question (04:55): Best setting for Jason?

– Movie Review (12:00): Jason X (2002)

– What Would You Do Differently? (54:30)

– Awards: (58:10)

– Final Cut (61:30): Movie review scores from hosts and guests

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