Jigsaw: Gettin’ Jiggy With It

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Deceptive motorcycle sales. Red herrings. Bulk chain purchases. Twists on twists.

2017’s Jigsaw continues the Saw franchise 7 years after Saw 3D: The Final Chapter was released and ostensibly the end of the series. However, on the back of multiple successful ‘James Waniverse’ movies the last few years Lionsgate decided to bring ‘Saw’ back to movie screens to take advantage of horror’s resurgence in culture.

Killings reminiscent of the Jigsaw murders start happening again even after the famous Jigsaw has been confirmed dead for some time. The new game begins and the police are playing catch-up as they search for clues to figure out who this new killer is. Everyone becomes a suspect and the murders hit home for the police who might be being terrorized by one of their own.

Join the Texas Podcast Massacre crew as they try to follow strict journalism rules the best they can while discussing current horror news. Once they progress to the next room/segment they try to make it out of the podcast studio alive and review 2017’s ‘Jigsaw’.

Show segments:

– Horror News (02:07)

– Movie Review (06:47): Jigsaw (2017)

– What Would You Do Differently? (53:03)

– Awards: (58:29)

– Final Cut (60:40): Movie review scores from hosts and guests

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