Prevenge: Fetal Attraction

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Homicidal Fetuses. Rock Climbing Incidents. Fat Snakes. DJ Dan.

Prevenge is the brainchild of Alice Lowe who wrote, directed and starred in this modern slasher while eight months pregnant. Quite a feat considering that she wrote the movie in three days after no one would hire her while she was pregnant. Her movie was shot with a budget of only $100,000 and filmed in 11 days but the film is brimming with humor and symbolism.

Ruth is pregnant and alone. She has no friends, no family and the father of her child died in a horrific climbing accident. The only person she really has to talk to her the fetus growing inside her. As the pregnancy goes on Ruth talks with her fetus more and more and it demands that she kill people related to the climbing accident. Is Ruth crazy or is her fetus justified in wanting revenge?

Join the Texas Podcast Massacre crew as they head to the doctor’s office to debate which voice they’d like to hear come out of their womb. Once that check-up is done they get some drinks at the podcast studio and discuss 2017’s Shudder-exclusive ‘Prevenge’.

Show segments:

– Debate Topic (02:00): Best murderous fetus voice

– Movie Review (10:50): Prevenge (2017)

– What Would You Do Differently? (53:30)

– Awards: (57:21)

– Final Cut (59:45): Movie review scores from hosts and guests

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