Green Room: Nazi Punks F**k Off

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Gas siphoning. Hardcore punk music. Boxcutters. Neo-Nazis.

Green Room is the third film from director Jeremy Saulnier after 2014’s ‘Blue Ruin’ and 2007’s ‘Murder Party’. His career continues to be promising and one of his reasons for making ‘Green Room’ was that he wanted to make this very violent film before he became too renowned and wouldn’t be able to make movies like that any more.

Green Room opens on the starving punk band the Ain’t Rights as they tour the Pacific Northwest. Strapped for cash the band agrees to take a paying gig in a secluded venue that happens to be the home of Neo-Nazis. The band stumbles upon a horrible crime after their set and are caught in the fight of their lives trying to escape.

Join the TPM crew as they debate their Desert Island movie in their secluded podcast studio. Once they escape the debate they get around to telling Nazi punks to fuck off and discuss 2016’s ‘Green Room’.

Show segments:

  • Debate Topic (03:57): What is your desert island movie?
  • Movie Review (10:03): Green Room (2016)
  • What Would You Do Differently? (49:29)
  • Awards (53:51)
  • Final Cut (57:50): Movie review scores from hosts and guests

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