ThanksKilling: Very Fowl Play

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Turkey puns. Comically bad acting. Ancient curses. More turkey puns.

ThanksKilling is the extremely low-budget 2009 horror film from first-time director/writer Jordan Downey. Made with only about $3500 this poorly acted, poorly written and poorly filmed movie has become something of a cult classic. The sequel drew in over $110,000 in Kickstarter and ThanksKilling 3 continued the franchise with a much bigger budget while keeping the same quality acting and direction.

ThanksKilling revolves around a Native American curse that conjures up killer turkey ‘Turkie’. Turkie follows and kills some students and their families on Thanksgiving break as they happen up him after 505 years of hibernation. The students attempt to band together to figure out how to defeat the invincible Turkie and free themselves from the curse.

Join the TPM crew as they debate the best holiday-themed killer in horror cinema. After settling on the beloved Jack Frost the crew along with Liz and David carve into ultra-low-budget horror cult classic ‘ThanksKilling’.

Show segments:

  • Debate Topic (03:19): What is the best holiday-themed killer?
  • Movie Review (11:52): ThanksKilling (2009)
  • What Would You Do Differently? (01:03:19)
  • Awards (01:06:47)
  • Final Cut (01:10:00): Movie review scores from hosts and guests

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