Krampus: Rest In Peace DHL Guy

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Awkward family moments. Letter to Santa. Elf kidnapping. Gingerbread people with a nail gun.

Michael Dougherty returns to make a holiday horror film yet again in 2015 as he tackles Christmas after mastering Halloween with Trick ‘r Treat in 2007. Not content with being just a horror film, Krampus mixes multiple genres by including dark comedy, family drama and action to create an instant cult-classic for the holiday season. Combining comedy veterans like Adam Scott and David Koechner with more traditional actresses like Toni Collette and Allison Tolman allows the movie to hit from all angles.

Krampus is set in a stereotypical suburban neighborhood where child Max’s family is hosting Christmas for themselves and their more-rural relatives. After the inevitable family awkwardness occurs Max renounces his Christmas spirit and Krampus arrives to terrorize everyone. Krampus uses a variety of Christmas-related minions to play a cat-and-mouse game with the family until Max decides to get his Christmas spirit back.

Join the TPM crew as they invite some crazy guests over to debate the scariest Christmas toy. After the inevitable holiday argument, everyone sits down at the table to digest 2015’s Christmas cult classic ‘Krampus’.

Show segments:

  • Debate Topic (03:15): What’s the creepiest Christmas toy?
  • Movie Review (14:11): Krampus (2015)
  • What Would You Do Differently? (55:44)
  • Awards (01:00:35)
  • Final Cut (01:03:09): Movie review scores from hosts and guests

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