Wait Until Dark: The Power of the Blind

Igor Reviews ,

Drug-laced teddy bears. Squeaky shoes. Mermaid knives. Inconvenient refrigerators.

1967’s Wait Until Dark is a classic thriller from a previous era that still feels fresh and clever. Director Terence Young made his name with early James Bond films and brought a level of excitement and focus on villainy that was rare in the 1960s. Audrey Hepburn also steps out of her comfort zone to star in easily the most horrific movie of her illustrious career.

Wait Until Dark tells the still-unique story of Suzy Hendrix who is increasingly terrorized by three men. This is made all the more scary due to the fact that Suzy is blind. The elaborate story and performances concocted by the criminals turns into a cat-and-mouse game with murderous results.

Join the TPM crew as they debate how well they would do in a horror movie without one their senses and drastically overestimate their survival chances. After agreeing that taste is useless, we gang up on our unsuspecting victims to discuss 1967’s ‘Wait Until Dark’.

Show segments:

  • Debate Topic (02:30): Best sense to lose and survive
  • Movie Review (14:17): Wait Until Dark (1967)
  • What Would You Do Differently? (01:01:03)
  • Awards (01:08:57)
  • Final Cut (01:13:20): Movie review scores from hosts and guests

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