Get Out: Meet the Parents

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Ill-advised hypnosis. Casual racism. Overt racism. T-S-motherfucking-A.

2017’s Get Out is one of most refreshing horror movies in years. Nodding to horror’s past while moving the genre forward, aping iconic films but setting trends in its own right and finally getting the Academy to nominate a horror movie for Best Picture – Get Out is truly an instant classic. Starting a huge run for horror releases in 2017, Get Out released in February with moderate fanfare and turned into one of the most profitable movies of all time, making over $250 million dollars worldwide on a budget of $5 million.

To top it all off, this massive hit was the directorial debut of well-known comedian Jordan Peele. Peele was best known for being one half of the sketch comedy duo Key & Peele (big up Children’s Hospital too!), but now is an extremely sought after director and producer. Peele is lending his talents to a Twilight Zone tv revial, another TV show with ‘Lovecraft’ literally in its title and numerous rumored movies.

Join the TPM crew as they literally podcast from the suburbs for the first time. After regaling each other with terrible in-law stories the crew roots on Get Out for its 4 Oscar nominations (suck it Phantom Thread).

Show segments:

  • Debate Question (02:46): Worst meeting the parents scenario
  • Movie Review (14:42): Get Out (2017)
  • What Would You Do Differently? (49:22)
  • Awards (53:29)
  • Final Cut (57:24): Movie review scores from hosts and guests

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