Cabin In The Woods: The Shape of Slaughter

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Making out with wolf heads. Coffee mug bongs. Inappropriate betting pools. Mermen.

Cabin in the Woods follows five teenagers as they take an innocent trip to a remote cabin on a college break. At the same time, they are being monitored by some sort of organization that is trying to manipulate their behavior for mysterious motives. The brain child of Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon, this meta horror movie breathed fresh life into the horror genre at the time and remains an instant classic today.

Join the TPM crew as they debate the weakest scary creature to survive against and get trapped in the podcast studio until they sacrifice their time reviewing 2012’s ‘Cabin in the Woods’.

Show segments:

  • Debate Question (01:49): Best creature to survive against
  • Movie Review (17:00): Cabin in the Woods (2012)
  • What Would You Do Differently? (49:41)
  • Awards (52:29)
  • Final Cut (54:42): Movie review scores from hosts and guests

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